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Legal Formation of a Business

If you are planning on starting a business in either the Lewis Clark Valley or the Moscow-Pullman area of Idaho or Eastern Washington, reach out to Broyles & Eifert, PLLC to help you with the legal aspects of your venture. Whether you are a sole proprietor seeking to protect yourself, or are creating a partnership or corporation, Broyles & Eifert can make sure that you have the right legal standing. We will help you apply for the appropriate business licenses and register with the proper entities. Additionally, we will advise you on tax implications of various business formation options to ensure you receive the appropriate tax benefits. Starting a company can be stressful, but Broyles & Eifert, PLLC can handle the legal aspects of your business so you can focus on your customers.

Other Start-up Considerations

Funding and investment are top priorities for any new business. However, you must also consider risk management and regulatory issues. Ignoring regulations or not understanding the legal complexity of them can create serious problems. Many businesses fail in their first year, because of inadequate preparation. You do not want that to happen to your company, and good legal advice can significantly reduce your risk. The customers will come in time, but only if your business is strong and remains viable long enough to attract those customers. Broyles & Eifert can provide you with advice and legal expertise that will help you get your company moving forward.


Starting up a nonprofit can be extremely rewarding, but must done correctly to reduce the risk of potential legal problems in the future and ensure that you can help those you are seeking to benefit. Broyles & Eifert, PLLC specializes in the formation of nonprofits. We assist you in obtaining tax-exempt (501c3) status and give you the advice and support you need to create an organization that benefits those you are seeking to help, as well as well as those who will come alongside you.

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  • Please indicate the dollar amount or form of each member’s capital contribution and their percentage ownership of the Company
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